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Product information
Harveys Hair Anti-hair loss shampoo and lotion contain active ingredients which are effective in the prevention of hair loss, and help resolve this problem by acting selectively on some of the causes shown below.

The products have been formulated to delay or reduce hair loss and strengthen the existing hair structure.

Cinnamon & Ginger
Extract of Cinnamon and Ginger
Problem: The reduction of blood microcirculation in the scalp

Extract of Cinnamon and Ginger help maintain good perfusion (the nutritive delivery of arterial blood to a capillary bed in tissue) at follicle level by a stimulating and vasodilatory action, which can improve the intake of nutrients.

Harveys hair loss lotion
Rosemary essential oil
Problem: Premature aging of the follicle

Environmental and chemical factors can lead to the production of free radicals which, in the long term, influence the activity of the follicle. The strong anti-oxidant activity of Rosemary essential oil protects and maintains the follicle in good condition.

Group B vitamins - Vitamin B6 and Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5)
Problem: Thinning and weakening of hair

Clinical studies show that vitamin B6 is able to improve the appearance and texture of the hair and contributes, and is closely involved in association with vitamin B5, to the activity of the follicle, to help regulate its life cycle, promoting growth of healthy and strong hair.

Vitamin B6, Salicylic Acid, Undecyl Alcohol, mild detergent Base
Problem: Presence of sebum

There are indications that sebum may be one of the main culprits contributing to hair loss. Some metabolites contained in sebum are able to disintegrate the inner epithelial sheath, producing an adverse effect on growth hair. These ingredients are essential in furnishing the hair with a set of stimuli capable of significantly improving the state of vitality and health. They have a strong normalizing and rebalancing action, whilst avoiding undue depletion of the hair stem.

The active ingredients in both the Anti-hair loss shampoo & Treatment lotion are carefully chosen so that regular use improves the general state of the hair and scalp. As the active ingredients in both products are the same, using them in combination creates a synergy of action maximising their effectiveness.

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