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Harvey's Hair is a leading centre in London for non-surgical hair replacement using the finest modern lightweight Hair Units. If you have lost hair and have been looking for a method of hair replacement, you will probably have considered several alternatives including hair weaves and surgical methods such as hair transplants.

Harvey's Hair was founded by David Harvey, who has specialised in cutting and fitting Hair Units for some 40 years, over 35 of which have been at his salon in Central London's West End in England.

Making a Hair Unit appear natural requires specialist knowledge and, above all, specialist cutting techniques. There are many fine hairdressers who are perfectly capable of excellent work in mainstream hairdressing but who do not know the correct techniques to cut Hair Units well.

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Everyone has seen the man in the street who is obviously wearing a hairpiece. It doesn't have to be like that! Modern lightweight Hair Units can be made to look incredibly natural. Its is also important to look at the quality of hair and/or fibre used in a hairpiece before deciding to invest.

The choice of the right type of Hair Unit, and the way it is cut, must be tailored to each individual person. There is a considerable variety of models to choose from, with differing bases and a wide range of hair colours and textures. Correct selection at the intial stage, prior to cutting is essential. Thereafter, the Hair Unit must be cut to suit each individual, not only in terms of the actual cutting technique, but also style. This is what makes the difference between a Hair Unit which is obvious and one which looks natural. This what Harvey's Hair specialises in.

On a personal level, we are keenly aware that it is of the utmost importance that clients are assured of discretion and are completely at ease when their Hair Units are fitted, particularly for the first time. Our salon, although conveniently located in Central London, is situated on a lower ground floor level, away from the view of passers-by, and is well known by our clients for its congenial atmosphere.

In addition to our clients in the UK, we have a large number of international clients who regularly visit us when they are in London.

We are pleased to say that the loyalty of our clients is testimony to the quality of, and personal attention we give to, all our work.

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