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Why should I choose a Hair Unit rather than one of the other methods of hair replacement?

Which method of hair replacement you decide upon will be a very personal choice. Modern lightweight Hair Units can give a very realisitic appearance, so if you do not want to undergo surgery or risk the potiential problems associated with hair weaves, then wearing a Hair Unit may be the answer for you

How is the Hair Unit attached?

The Hair Unit is attached using double-sided adhesive tape. This is a specially developed very flexible hypo-allergenic tape which leaves no residue when removed. It is available in two different types depending on the Hair Unit. The adhesive properties of the tape can be augmented by using very small amount of liquid adhesive if required when swimming for example, but this is not normally necessary.

Will the Hair Unit come off on a windy day?

Extremely unlikely! The adhesive tape, although easy to remove is formulated with a high tack coating which will hold it securely in place.

Can I go swimming whilst wearing the Hair Unit?

Yes - there is no reason why you should not go swimming. A liquid adhesive is available which can augment the adhesive tape if required although this is not usually necessary.

How often should I wash the Hair Unit?

As often as you wash your hair! Good hygiene is as important when wearing a Hair Unit as when not. Washing and conditioning the Hair Unit regularly will help retain its style and extend its life.

One of the advantages of wearing a Hair Unit rather than a permanently attached hair weave is that you can thoroughly clean the unit's base as well as the hair at the same time as you shampoo your own hair and scalp.

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