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Harveys Triple Action products work together for effective hair loss treatment



Minoxidil 60ml
Price: £14.99
Harveys minoxidil is a 5% topical solution containing Minoxidil which acts on the scalp to help hair growth in balding areas, acting in a similar way to Regaine®.

It can be used to treat hair loss related to age or family history. Re-growth of hair may be seen between 2-4 months, and regular use is required to keep the new hair growth.

Trials of 5% Minoxidil concluded that it was very effective in 15.9% of patients, effective in 47.8% of patients & moderately effective in 20.6% of patients.

Harveys 5% minoxidil is more effective at promoting hair growth than other formulations containing only 2%.

Available as a single 60ml spray.

Harveys minoxidil is a premium quality product manufactured in North America, equivalent to Regaine® (Rogaine®) extra strength - without the price premium!

anti hair loss shampoo  
Size: 250 ml
Price: £4.75

Anti-hair loss shampoo
Energising anti-hair loss shampoo. The invigorating and vascularising action energises the hair, leaving a long lasting sensation of freshness and wellbeing.

Specially formulated Harveys Anti-hair loss shampoo is highly effective at cleaning the scalp of excess sebum and other debris. It delicately cleanses your hair, leaving it soft, manageable and easy to comb.

Click here for more information on active ingredients

Usage: Apply to damp hair. Carefully massage in to allow the active substances to act and rinse.

Anti hair loss lotion  
Size: 200 ml
Price: £7.25
Anti-hair loss lotion

Lotion for thinning and falling hair, designed to maintain the natural equilibrium of hair & scalp. Particularly suitable as an anti-dandruff and excess sebum treatment, often connected with hair loss.

When used regularly, it has been shown to arrest or substantially reduce excessive hair loss. It also helps to prevent dandruff and to slow down its formation, combats itching & leaves a sensation of freshness.

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Useage: Spray sparingly onto scalp or hands & massage gently into scalp. Best results are obtained when the lotion is applied after washing hair with Harveys Anti-hair loss shampoo.

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